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Below are the team members who will be working tirelessly on your behalf to make sure you have the best possible service, with maximum profits. Want to join us? If you’re looking for an exciting career in Dubai real estate with plenty of opportunity for growth, then you could be a perfect fit for Property Network! Interested? Click here to start your application


With Masters Degree in Business and Marketing along with 16 years of real estate experience, we have won several performance awards from branded developers of Dubai. I believe people should’nt settle for anything less than what they deserve. I always look towards the next best thing. Life has thrown me challenges, and so far, I have come out pretty good!

Kamran Tabani


CEO of Property Network, a multi-awarded real estate consultancy based in Dubai since 2005. I have extensive knowledge and experience covering different asset classes. I have dealt with developers, funds, REITs, family offices, holding companies and business groups. A MSc Graduate in Information Systems Management with specialization in Mobile Commerce.

Furqan Tabani



As a business owner, I have had experience in the industry of real estate business since 2005. I have conducted portfolio management for HNWI Investors a well as accumulated experience and exposure in the field of development. Being a Qualified Chartered Accountant helps me perform in the real estate field further for financial assessments of properties and for the portfolios of my clients.

Arsalan Tabani


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