Seller's Guide

Planning To Sell Your Property?

Selling a property in the present day is truly difficult. However, getting in touch with experts in the field shapes eases the selling procedure. Although, it is essential to remain connected to experts for the general idea of selling a property our professionals at the Property Network have shaped the excellent seller guide.

Advertise Your Property

Property Network requires form A, an agency agreement signed prior to listing, along with a passport copy and ownership documents, to ensure a successful sale.

Construction Projects:
Completed Projects:

If you do not register your off-plan and completed properties with the Land Department before transferring them to the new owner, there is a good chance of discrepancies.

Property evaluation:

After signing the agreement with Property network, to give you an idea of the pricing you might anticipate, we will provide you with a comparable market study of houses that are similarly situated and accurately marketed in your neighbourhood, recently sold properties.

Real Estate Sale Agreement

An MOU, also known as a document called a Memorandum of Understanding (FORM F), needs to be executed between you and the purchaser once you have found a prospective buyer and they have confirmed your offer. With the help of this agreement, there is transparency between the buyer, the seller, and our firm as well as a summary of the terms and circumstances of the agreement.

Transit Services

After a memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed, the property owner must be transferred from your name to the new owners by following the necessary back-end procedures.

At Property Network, we simplify this process by directing the transfer process to our conveyance department on your part. By giving us power of attorney, you can even decide not to attend the transfer and have us transfer the property on your behalf.

Expenses Added

Property network charges a 2% to 3% fee on the selling of a property, albeit terms and conditions do apply.

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